11 Best Amazon Seller Podcasts (Updated 2022)

Curious to know which are the Best Amazon Seller Podcasts? Well, here we have listed some of them.

Many people prefer listening over reading when it comes to research. That’s the reason why podcasts have become more prevalent now than ever. Also, while listening to your preferred podcast, you can do other work as well, which saves a lot of your time. As you already know, there are various podcasts available for listeners on topics like politics, business, culture, and drama.

Similarly, there are some exquisite podcasts specifically for Amazon Sellers. So, if you want to up your game as an FBA seller, you must check them out. Also, to make things easier for you, you will find the sorted list of some of the ten best podcasts for the same if you read ahead.

List Of 11 Best Amazon Seller Podcasts

Here is the list of 11 best Amazon Seller Podcasts. Let’s dive into it.

1. FBA All-Stars

If you are a beginner and don’t know anything about Amazon marketing, then you should check this one out. Of course, there is a reason behind it being the first one on the list as it guides you through all the steps of setting up your business on Amazon.

FBA All Star Overview

Unlike other podcasts that give you tips and tricks to surviving in the Amazon selling game, this one gives you insight into the step-by-step process which you need to carry out.

In short, if you don’t want to miss out on any important factor or move that you should make while setting up your Amazon, then you should definitely check this podcast out.

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2. My Wife Quit Her Job

If you are aiming at Amazon selling your full-time business and want to quit your mundane 9 AM to 5 PM job, then you should certainly listen to this podcast.

Basically, this podcast is entirely based on a journey of a husband (Steve Chou) and his wife. It explains in detail their failures and success. Although the podcast is at a personal level, in terms of reality, it gives you the truth only.

My Wife Quit Her Job Overview

So if you are ready for some reality check regarding selling on Amazon, then you must check this podcast. It can work wonders for you as you get to hear the story directly from the source, so there are no filters and sugar coating.

Also, if you want to have an idea of the business environment on Amazon before entering into it, then this podcast can help you a lot.

3. The Ask Jordan Podcast

Jordan Malik is the host of this podcast, where he describes his journey and experience in such a way that could be of great help to the listeners in their own journey. Also, the perk is that the listeners can ask anything related to Amazon selling and Jordan answers them all.

The Ask Jordan Podcast Overview

Thus, listening to this podcast can cover your vast area of doubts and unanswered questions. Moreover, unlike other podcasts, it gives you an authentic experience and viewpoint of the struggling Amazon sellers. This could be quite helpful for you in terms of avoiding the mistakes that they have made.

4. The Amazing Seller Podcast

If you look into the other podcasts mentioned in this list, you will find that either they are based on beginners or on experts.

The Amazing Seller Podcast Overview

There is nothing in between which connects both these ends. However, this is the only podcast among the other podcast on the list which has it all. It gives you details from a beginners’ perspective to the entrepreneurs who have made standing in a market but also want to expand their business.

So, if you are confused with all the other podcasts listed in this article, then you should start listening to this one. After all, it provides you with all the minute information that you must know before entering into the world of Amazon Selling and after it as well.

5. The Full-Time FBA Show Podcast

If you dream big, then you must research big as well! In other words, if you want to earn a six-figure amount from Amazon selling and want to quit your routine job, then you must know all the crucial details.

Full-Time FBA Show Podcast Overview

Thus, if your aim is higher, then you must dive into the information and research on a deeper level. For instance, you would require to study the strategies and plans that are already executed by famous amazon sellers to become successful.

Also, with those strategies, you would also require some additional tips and tricks to reform them according to the present time.

All of this might look a bit hectic, but it is made easy for you by the creators of the Full-Time FBA Show Podcast as the hosts talk about the strategies and plans that you can formulate to achieve your desired goal.

6. Selling On Azon

The world is changing in a progressive way, and therefore, every field is changing its demeanor every now and then. Thus, keeping up with the pace of the changing business environment could be tough for a lot of you.

Therefore, in such times you need a person who has seen it all. This podcast is hosted by James J. Jones, who has been in online marketing since 1983.

 Selling On Azon Overview

This means that he has seen the literal commencement of online marketing. This is the reason why his experience and advice hold a lot of wisdom that can help you to achieve a successful place in online marketing.

Also, he is a person who doesn’t like to beat around the bush and likes to cut to the chase, so you get real and raw insight into the business world.

7. FBA Journey Podcast

Whenever you jump into a particular professional field, you automatically start reading the biographies and books on successful people in that field. Moreover, everyone knows that reading takes a lot of your time and requires your rapt attention.

Therefore, if you get the same information through a podcast then it may work wonders for you as you can focus on other work as well while listening to it.

FBA Journey Podcast Overview

FBA Journey Podcast focuses on the journey of the successful Amazon seller. It gives you proper insight into the mistakes and breakthroughs that she experienced while starting her business.

Furthermore, it goes without saying that you can learn a lot from a person who is already successful in the field in which you want to progress. So, if you want to do research on Amazon’s entrepreneurs, then you must check this one out.

8. FBA Millionaires

If you come under the spectrum of those sellers who have big ambitions and want to turn this part-time business into a full time, then this podcast is for you. Moreover, as a beginner, seeking aid from FBA tools to retain profits is a good idea.

FBA Millionaires Overview

However, they are not really helpful in the long run if you want to earn beyond your imagination. Therefore, after attaining stability, one seeks to go higher in this business. For such a purpose, you can look for tips and tricks.

FBA Millionaires doesn’t disappoint its listeners as it aims at what the name suggests. However, the makers do not guarantee that you will become a millionaire by following their procedures. But you will definitely earn more than what you are earning now once you start implementing their tips and tricks.

9. Private Label Movement 2.0

What’s a better way to achieve success in a particular field than listening to successful professionals’ stories? If you like to keep yourself updated and a few steps ahead of your competitors, then you would definitely love this podcast.

Private Label Movement Overview

It gives you updates on all the recent activities that have happened regarding the FBA platform. Moreover, it also provides you with interviews of well-known businessmen who have achieved success through Amazon marketing. You can learn a lot about Amazon selling with their experience and success stories.

Also, if you are a bit confused about starting your Amazon business and still contemplating whether to invest in it or not, then you must listen to this podcast. After all, it costs you nothing and might help you in putting things into perspective.

10. AMZ Secrets

Oftentimes, it happens that you buy a marketing tool without knowing it’s working, and you spend your first few months learning and understanding the services provided by such tools.

Therefore, in the end, such methods prove to be costly and time-consuming. So, if you want to avoid all that hassle, you can simply listen to the podcast that gives you guidelines for the same.

 AMZ Secrets Overview

This podcast is totally based on the AMZsecrets toolbar as it provides you insight regarding the use of the tool. In addition, it gives you complete knowledge of its in-built tools so that you will know the proper use of its tools.

This way, you can buy the marketing tool only when you come to a full understanding of its functioning. So, if you are thinking of investing in AMZSecrets, then you should check out this podcast first.

11. AM/PM Podcast: 

AM/PM Podcast Overview

AM/PM Podcast is the longest-running and best podcast show for Amazon sellers. This show is hosted by Tim Jordan, it was his first show to appear, but later, he hosted it. This podcast is free to listen to and has many intuitive contents to follow. It has more than 250 episodes which include interviews with Amazon sellers, entrepreneurs, influencers, and many more. 

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So this is about it! In this article, we have given you a nitpicked list of the ten best podcasts for Amazon sellers. You can go through the details as well to select your preferred podcast that is suitable for your requirement.

For instance, if you want a guide throughout the set-up of your business, you can check out FBA All-Stars. However, if you would like to know insight from experienced professionals, then you would obviously want to check The Full-Time FBA Show Podcast or FBA Journey Podcast.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Podcast a Good Source Of Information for Amazon Sellers?

Yes, podcasts give you immense knowledge and save a lot of your time as well. Therefore, investing your time in it Amazon selling could be very beneficial.

Why are FBA Podcasts So Popular?

Podcasts have become popular over time because they are convenient to use, and you can do multiple tasks while listening to them.

Why Do You Need To Listen To Podcasts?

To listen to a podcast, all you need is a working device with a stable internet connection and an authentic source for the podcast to which you want to listen to.

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