Best Amazon FBA Calculator

Best Amazon FBA Calculator [2022] – Top 5 Handpicked

How do you calculate the sales potential and profit earned from the Amazon FBA account? If you’re doing it manually, then chances are there you may have an error and not be able to calculate the profit margin accurately.

But an Amazon FBA calculator can give you accurate pricing data, ensure profitability and sales potential without killing your time. When dealing with so many products’ pricing aside from the Amazon product evaluation, there are many factors you need to consider, such as weight, size, and other things.

Best Amazon FBA Calculator

Fortunately, there are many Amazon FBA calculators available online for sellers who want to make an informed decision and need quick fee calculations.

In this post, I’ll discuss every aspect of Amazon’s FBA business and provide you with the best Amazon calculator tools that help you decide quickly which is best to pick.

What is Amazon FBA?

The Amazon FBA refers to the Fulfilment by Amazon, a form or referral program where the business merchants and marketers manage their orders, products and fulfill them on behalf of you. The referral program is beneficial for businesses and buyers in multiple ways.

  • The products sold by you will be placed in the Amazon warehouse, so the FBA seller doesn’t need to have an inventory storage headache.
  • Sellers don’t need to take the pain of shipping and packaging the products.
  • Amazon provides customer services support for easy returns, self-manages the product’s returns, and manages orders on your behalf.
  • Amazon offers quick access to your products, so your products are always Prime eligible, which will enhance the customer pool.
  • Better customer engagement builds more trust between you and your customers.

Amazon FBA Calculators to Use in 2022: List Of Top 5

As you know that there are countless Amazon FBA calculators available in the market; thus, selecting one best from that is a real challenge, especially if you’re a beginner FBA seller. So, here I’ve curated a few of them, which are as follows.

1. AMZScout FBA Fees Calculator

AMZScout is helping the FBA sellers to launch the business successfully by calculating the overall margin and profitability of the product. This tool is one of the highest rating software, which is accessible by most FBA sellers.

AMZScout FBA Fees Calculator

One of the best features of the tool is it stays on the product page. This means this profit calculator allows you to calculate the fee and provide you with a complete insight into the Amazon commission.

Plan: Free to access

The tool is convenient to use and can be used as the Google Chrome extension. It features a one-click estimation of your income and sales level. Plus, the fee is calculated by this tool based on the weight and dimension of the product.

AMZScout amazon FBA calculator uses the data retrieved from the seller central account directly. The best thing is that it is free to use, which means you don’t need to pay a single penny to calculate the fee.


  • Single-click data estimation is excellent
  • Easy weight and dimension-based fee calculation
  • Detail information about the Amazon commission
  • Data retrieving directly from the seller central


  • Net margin some time incorrect

2. Jungle Scout FBA Profit Calculator

Want to know how much you can make by selling your product on Amazon? Use Jungle Scout FBA profit calculator. This tool helps calculate the profit margin and provides you with details about the FBA fee and inventory fee and net margin of the product.

Jungle Scout FBA Profit Calculator

This tool is extremely useful and easy to use. However, unlike other Amazon FBA calculators, this tool features a downloadable format, which allows you to gather data in XLS file format.

You can access the file anytime once you download it. Moreover, the data evaluated by the tool is broken down into the expected profit, loss, and potential costs. The downloadable file you can easily access from the PCs, laptops, and other devices.

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Plan: Basic plan at $29/month and professional plan at $84/month

Jungle Scout FBA is used as a profit calculator which gives you brief data about the net profit, net margin, product profitability, and so on.

This will allow you to set the margin according to the net fee so that you can make maximum profit by selling on Amazon.


  • Easy to use and has a user-friendly interface
  • Give you accurate details about the profit margin
  • The file is available to download to access later
  • It can be useful to calculate the FBA fee


  • A professional plan is expensive

3. Amazon FBA Calculator by Sellerapp

The seller app Amazon FBA calculator is another reliable tool that gives you a brief about the profit margin and FBA fees. This tool is available as a chrome extension and web extension. However, the web version is helpful to search the product margin based on Amazon links or by using ASIN.

Amazon FBA Calculator by Sellerapp

To have an idea of the FBA fees and margin, you need to install the tool, paste the product link into the search bar, and click on the calculate button.

Plan: Pro-lite pricing plan at $99/month and Pro plan at $199/month

It gives you a brief report of the fee and net charges applied to the product within a few minutes. But if you want to calculate the profit margin when browsing the product, you can install it as a chrome extension.

Whenever you click on the tool, each time you will find the details of the products. It provides an accurate estimation of the profit margin and net revenues you earn by selling the product.


  • Available in two variants chrome extension and web browser
  • A quick review of the overall fee, FBA cost, and net margin
  • Easy to analyze and use
  • Available in all countries


  • Limited features in Pro-lite plan

4. Seller Dynamics Amazon Profit Calculator

The Amazon sellers specially developed the Sellerdynamics Amazon profit calculator to estimate the profit. This tool is designed for UK FBA sellers. Sellerdynamics has a simple interface, and anyone can access it too easily for calculating the profit margin.

Seller Dynamics Amazon Profit Calculator

Like the Jungle Scout calculator, this tool also divides the overall fees into different parts to accurately estimate the profit. This is the simplest calculator which only gives your brief about the fees only.

Plan: Standard plan at $200/month

Moreover, it also allows you to calculate the final profit and give you overall results about the VAT fees, postage, and other fees. Though this calculator gives you a profit margin, it may not provide you the complete details about the FBA fees.

But if you are using it for a profit calculator, this tool is nevertheless better than any other profitable tool.


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Can help you to calculate the profit margin
  • Breakdown of cost for better results
  • Also, provide data of VAT fees


  • Only for the UK audience

5. Viral Launch Amazon FBA Calculator

Last but not least in the review list is Viral Launch. This calculator is widely popular for calculating the profit margin and product fee, and the FBA calculator is free to access. To estimate the profit of the product, you need to insert the product link or ASIN.

Viral Launch Amazon FBA Calculator

When you click on the calculator icon, it gives you the estimation of the profit and margins within a few seconds. This is ideal for calculating the net margin and being available as an effective product research tool.

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Plan: Free to access with Pro plans

To Top this, it also gives you a brief idea about the required investment to start your new FBA business. By using the tool, you will set your profit margin and start selling on Amazon to make a profit.


  • Effective in calculating the required investment
  • Brief of profit margins
  • Accurate results in real-time
  • Use reverse ASIN to provide data


  • Give you only estimation, not accurate results

How is the Amazon FBA Fees Calculated?

Amazon calculates the FBA fees by considering many factors such as size, weight, type of products, and others. The total few are divided into two different fees.

Fulfillment Fees

These are the fees charged to the merchants by Amazon for handling their orders, shipping the orders, packaging, returns, and management. The overall fees are further divided into oversize and standard sizes.

Standard Size ProductsFeesOversizedFees
Small size less than 10 oz$2.41Small size less than 71 lbs or even less$8.26 + $0.38 additional above first 2 lbs
Small 10-16 oz$2.48Medium 151 lbs or even less$9.70 + $00.39/lbs additional on first 2 lbs
Large 10 oz and less$3.19Large 151 lbs and less$75.78 + $0.70/lbs additional above 90 lbs
Large 10-16 oz$3.28Special oversize$137 + $0.91/lbs additional above 90 lbs
Large 1-2 lbs$4.76
Large 2-3 lbs$5.26
Large 3-21 lbs$5.26 + $.38/lbs above 3 lbs

Monthly Inventory Fees

The monthly inventory fees are calculated by considering several cubic feet. In simple terms, the smaller unit you have, the fewer fees you’ll pay. However, the inventory fees will also be calculated by considering size, cost, storage, daily volume, and many more.

Like, fulfillment fees, the inventory fees will be calculated for the oversize and standard-size products. You will be expected to pay the fees as given below.

Standard SizeFeesOversizeFees
Jan-Sept$0.69 per cubic footJan-Sept$0.48 per cubic foot
Oct-Dec$2.40 per cubic footJan-Sept$ 1.20 per cubic foot

Why do Amazon FBA Sellers need to Use the FBA Calculator?

Keep in mind that the Amazon FBA fee structure is constantly changing. So, the sellers, owners, and merchants must stay attentive to not to miss the price drops and increase changes. However, it is difficult to calculate the fees on your own.

Hence, it would be beneficial to have the Amazon FBA calculator, which is helpful for you to calculate the profit margin, inventory fees, fulfillment fees to make better decisions on pricing and products for better profitability.

The calculator is helpful to compare the costs of the different products and help decide the best products to sell at the best price. Moreover, the calculator is also helpful in altering the weight and dimensions of the products by choosing different packaging options.

This, in turn, helps to maintain the low FBA fees. Moreover, you can also compare the price of multiple products and then decide at what price you can sell the products by comparing the product variants to understand the profit margins.

Moreover, businesses that have their shipping operations can help use the FBA calculators to compare the FBA of your fulfillment so that you can make a better decision about their business models to earn maximum profit.


Undoubtedly, the Amazon FBA calculator may not provide you accurate results, but these are of utmost essential to have an estimated idea of the net margin and your profit margin. This will help to set your budget and product price effectively.

So, now you have these five best Amazon FBA calculators, which you can use to calculate the FBA fee and estimate the product margin. Out of all AMZScout Amazon FBA calculator is one of the best calculators as it gives you better results and offers you a brief of the FBA fees.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do these FBA calculators work?

If you want to calculate the total fee or profit margin of the product, you need to click on the selected or installed tool. You can put any product items to calculate the fee and enter into the bar about the product. After clicking on the “calculate button,”
The data will be displayed about the selected product. However, the evaluation of the fees will be done based on the value of the product given by the sellers. The main focus of the fee will be on the net margin and net profit you earn from the listed product.

Does the Amazon FBA fee calculator provide accurate results?

Maybe or Maybe not. The Amazon FBA calculator only gives you a brief about the net margin and net profit you can make from the product. The calculators offered by Amazon come with a disclaimer that the tool is only used for guiding purposes.
This only gives you an estimation of the cost of the product so that you can sell your product by following the margin rate. This will also help to set the profitable budget.

How much fee is charged to the merchant by fulfillment by Amazon?

The fulfillment fee will be charged based on size, weight, and the number of the products. The fulfillment charge will be divided into oversize and standard-size products. The fee may vary from $2.8 to $137, depending on the size and weight of the products.

Is there any FBA calculator available for free?

Amazon FBA calculator is the free tool provided by Amazon for calculating the sales potential.

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