Jungle Scout Coupon Code 2024 — Claim 80% Discount (JUNE)

Are you looking for the best Jungle Scout Discount Code & Coupon 2024? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place!

Currently, Jungle Scout is offering three offers:

  1. Suite 2-Month Subscription at $119 (64% Discount)
  2. Suite 3-Month Subscription at $149 (63% Discount)
  3. Suite Plus Annual Subscription at $449 (74% Discount)
  4. Master Bundle Subscription at $999 (80% Discount)

Jungle Scout Discount – Available Offers

Jungle Scout’s deals are now live.🎯
Claim up to 80% discount on Jungle Scout plans!

These exclusive offers are only available for a limited time. To help you get these offers, I have also shared a step-by-step guide.

Available Jungle Scout Discount Offers 2024

Jungle Scout offers exclusive discounts for online businesses looking to maximize sales and revenue. Special promo pricing can help you save up to 80% on Jungle Scout. 

Here are the available offers:

PlanRegular PricingDiscount (%)Discounted Pricing
Suite 2-Month Plan$33564%$119
Suite 3-Month Plan$40463%$149
Suite Plus Annual Plan$170474%$449
Master Bundle$499080%$999

How To Claim Jungle Scout Coupon Code? (Step-By-Step)

Explore our comprehensive guide that outlines the step-by-step process for claiming the Jungle Scout coupon code offering the best discount.

Step 1: Visit the pricing page of Jungle Scout and use our exclusive discount link to get the offer.

Jungle Scout Discount Page

Step 2: Select which package plan you would like and ensure the discount has been applied automatically. To get the most value out of Jungle Scout, we recommend selecting the “Master Bundle Plan.” Once you have selected your package, hit the “Get Started” button.

Choose Master Bundle Plan & Click Get Started

Step 3: To create your account, please enter your email and choose a strong password that meets our security standards.

Create Your Jungle Scout Account

Step 4: Create your account by entering your billing address and credit card details in the third step. Once all required fields are filled out, click the “Create Your Account” button to proceed.

Enter Your Credit Card Information

Step 5: You must accept the terms & conditions before you can pay. Once the payment is finalized, you’ll receive an email confirmation.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully claimed the Jungle Scout discount.

Features Available With Jungle Scout Discount

The above-given information should be sufficient to provide some insights about Jungle Scout. How does Jungle Scout achieve all of these with a simple layout? Well, here is a quick overview of each feature that makes it possible:

1. Opportunity Finder

You can quickly check various products according to their categories. Thus, you can choose the ones with low competition or high demand. The data is consistently up to date and according to the region.

Opportunity Finder

2. Product Database

Not just the category, but if you select a product, you will gain complete information. You will also have the option to find the products easily with filters and other essential features.

Jungle Scout Product Database

3. Supplier Database

Once you select the product, you can check out various suppliers. These people can send the product to you or the buyers directly. You’re just a middleman taking your cut. Suppliers will make a significant difference for people. You can find suppliers according to quality, credibility, trustworthiness, and other aspects.

Supplier Database

4. Keyword Scout

This feature makes it easier to find keywords most relevant to your product. You can use these keywords in blogs, video content, and product pages to optimize your product and acquire more buyers.

Keyword Scout

5. Product Tracker

Once you get a product and start selling it, the Product tracker keeps everything in check. It will organize your inventory and inform you about the sales thus far. If someone ordered a refund, you would know as well and much more. It keeps things easier to manage and keep track of.

Jungle Scout Product Tracker

6. AI Assist

Jungle Scout’s new AI Assist integration leverages artificial intelligence to automate critical tasks and deliver real-time suggestions to Amazon sellers. The technology builds optimized listings in seconds, analyzes profits to maximize revenues, identifies trends and opportunities, and answers seller questions. 

Jungle Scout AI Assist Chat

With AI Assist, Jungle Scout allows sellers to scale their business faster than ever by eliminating manual work and delivering data-driven recommendations in seconds.

Jungle Scout Coupon Pricing Explained

There are four package plans available, and here is a quick comparison between all those plans

FeaturesSuite 3-MonthSuite PlusProfessionalMaster Bundle
Duration3 Months1 Year1 Year1 Year
Historical Sales Data3 Months3 Months6 Months6 Months
Historical Search Volume1 Year1 Year2 Years2 Years
Product Tracker15015010001000
User Seat1366
Getting Started Checklist✔️✔️✔️✔️
Monthly Seller Guide✔️✔️✔️✔️
Customer SupportNormal NormalNormalVIP
Freedom Builder Bootcamp✔️

Benefits Of Using Jungle Scout

Finally, here are some noticeable benefits of using Jungle Scout for your Amazon selling business.

1. Beginner-Friendly Platforms

Primarily, Jungle Scout is easy to use with an intuitive interface. You will get the hang of the software by spending just a few minutes. There is a database with accurate information, tutorials, and much more to help you. Amazon has 9.7 million sellers worldwide, and most of them use Jungle Scout because of its user-friendliness.

Furthermore, to keep things simple, a single app covers every function and a web browser extension for quick access to the tools. You only have a few tools that could confuse or over-complicate things.

2. Thorough Research

More importantly, Jungle Scout will bring you complete information. You can check for any category and understand its demand, competition, etc. It lets you scan and evaluate competitors’ product pages and information to see what they’re doing right.

You will get scores for their optimization; if you optimize your page, you will get the same score. It allows you to find keywords easily and much more. Jungle Scout is highly robust.

3. Great For Self-Optimization

Apart from getting complete information, you can use various tools, strategic guidelines, and insights to boost your business and performance. You don’t need to hire any professional who could charge you excessively for the services through Self-optimization. Thus, you become more self-sufficient in running your business.

4. Single System Setup

A single person can conveniently use this tool. There’s no need to get a team of people or professionals to handle it. You don’t need a robust system, either. It will work with any standard system in today’s day and age.

Jungle Scout: Pros & Cons


  • Easy to use and understand interface
  • Fast, reliable data extraction from Amazon
  • Offer a 7-day money-back guarantee
  • Accurate product research that helps entrepreneurs make informed decisions
  • Ability to view trends and compare products to compete in the marketplace


  • It can be expensive if you are starting out
  • It doesn’t offer any free trial 

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Conclusion: Get Upto 80% Off Jungle Scout With Our Exclusive Offers!

Jungle Scout is a perfect tool to boost your Amazon sales business. It is one of those indispensable tools that can save you a lot of work. You don’t need a marketing expert anymore, either. If you need more help, they have full-fledged databases, articles, and robust customer support.

Jungle Scout has competitive pricing. However, it might be as expensive as competitors like Helium 10, needing more tools and suites. Hence, you can enjoy these offers. Don’t worry if you didn’t get to use these offers! Jungle Scout will roll out more offers from time to time.


What If The Discount Doesn’t Apply While Subscribing?

If the discount is applied automatically, it might be available in your country. Always check to make sure that it is available. Next, you might’ve redeemed it already. You can create a new ID in that case. If that doesn’t work, then the offer might end. You’d have to wait until they roll out another one for you.

Is There A Limit To The Jungle Scout Discount?

Usually, the current discount is for a one per person per subscription. A single ID can use the offer once. The discount will only carry forward to the upcoming months. You will get charged separately for that.

What payment method does Jungle Scout accept?

Jungle Scout accepts all credit cards like Master Card, Visa, and American Express. If you need a credit card, contact the customer support team at support@junglescout.com, and they will send you a PayPal invoice.

Can I upgrade or cancel my subscription plan at any time?

You can cancel your subscription plan anytime because your billing cycle has no contractual commitment. You can also upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time.

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