5 Best Accounting Software For Amazon Sellers (2022)

As lucrative as it appears from the outside, managing an Amazon business is not an easy feat to achieve. Especially, when you start selling a variety of products in bulk, it gets tricky to keep track of all the financial activities such as cash flow, taxes, or even your overall profit assessment. 

To keep running your Amazon business smoothly, a lot of calculations need to be done to keep your expenses, income, staff salaries, storage and shipping costs, etc in check. An Amazon accounting software does just that for you without spending a lot of time and resources. It helps you scale your entire business and maximizes your efforts while making accounting and bookkeeping quick, easy, and more efficient.

The perfect account tool should help you enhance your financial management related to your Amazon business without hurting your budget. There are well over 20 such software available on the market these days and picking the one that fits your business can be a daunting task. To help you with that, I have done thorough research on a variety of account management tools and prepared a list of the best ones. 

Amazon Accounting Software: An Overview

Amazon accounting software consists of a set of tools that help you streamline the process of billing, taxation, invoicing, and so on. When you are running a business on Amazon on large scale, it’s impossible to single-handedly manage all the operations related to sales, accounting, product listing, marketing, advertising, etc. As far as accounting is concerned, most established seller relies on accounting software. 

Here are some of the common features of an Amazon accounting software:

  • Generating monthly transactions and financial reports
  • Generating and sending invoices
  • Some software also provides inventory management to keep your profit in check
  • Tax calculations
  • Payroll and employee management 

5 Best Accounting Software For Amazon Sellers

After deep market research, I have prepared this list of some of the best Amazon accounting software based on their functionality, ease of use, and price. Let’s try to analyze how each one performs

1. Xero

Xero - Overview

Found in 2006, Xero is one of the most prominent accounting tools for small and medium businesses. The platform has been awarded twice as World’s Most Innovative Growth Company by Forbes. It’s a cloud-based service that you can use from anywhere, anytime to see your billing details and other accounting and other financial details in real-time.  The company provides its services in markets Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom and is handling over 1.8 million Amazon sellers worldwide. 


Check out some of the key features of Xero:

  • Can integrate with multiple platforms and applications such as A2X, Shopify, Stitch Labs, etc to provide you with a customized Amazon business experience
  • Provides you with instant up-to-date financial and transaction reports
  • Helps you prepare and send invoices
  • One of the best tools to organize your tax reports and for online filing
  • Allows you to connect with your bank and make the online transactions quicker and easier
  • User-friendly interface with a variety of Add-ons support

Pricing Information:

Xero has 3 plans for its customers –  Early, Growing, and Establish, all of which come with a month of a free trial. 

Xero Pricing Plan
  • Early plan costs you $9/month and allows you to create and send 5 quotes and invoices. You also get to enter 5 bills and reconcile 20 bank transactions. 
  • Growing plan costs you $30/month and comes with unlimited invoices and quotes. There is no limit on bill generation as well as reconciling bank transitions. 
  • Establish plan is more suitable for a well-settled business. It costs $60/month and gives you unlimited invoices and quotes as well as the reconciliation of bank transfers. There is also multi-currency support and an overview of your short-term cash flow.

2. Helium 10 – Profits

Note: To get more details on Helium 10, check out our Helium 10 Review here.

Helium 10 is arguably the most complete seller tool for your FBA business and Helium 10 – Profit shows your overall financial performance. The platform is as versatile as it gets offering you great features from listing optimization to sales tax tracking and much more. Not only does it organize your finances, but also provides a bunch of sub tools to increase your sales by applying various marketing techniques. 

Helium 10 Overview

The software is designed to manage a small size business as well as a well-establish organization. The program features a simplified interface and you don’t need any prior technical or accounting knowledge to make your way through it. There are a variety of other features available such as keyword research, inventory management, profit, and expense estimation, tax manager, and much more


  • Centralized dashboard to track profit, expenses, and sales
  • Cost estimation in order to maximize the profit
  • Inventory management and protection
  • User-friendly interface
  • Online training and one-to-one sessions to address your queries

Pricing Information 

There are 4 plans available for Helium 10 – Starter, Platinum, Diamond, and Elite

Helium 10 Pricing Plan

Starter plan costs $39/month and comes with full access to the financial analytics tool

Platinum plan costs $99/month and comes with some additional features including 2000 automated customer emails every month. This plan also gives you full access to the Helium 10 Profit.

Diamond plan costs $249/month and comes with a multi-user login facility along with access to a profit analytics tool. You also get full access to Walmart marketplace tools.

Elite plan is more suitable for sellers looking to scale their business rapidly. It costs $399/month and gives you access to the private Facebook group as well as quarterly workshops and training with marketing experts.

3. Quickbooks Online

Quickbooks is designed to help small Amazon businesses with sales management and financial reports. The platform is widely known for helping users with their tax calculations and deductions for Amazon sales. The software also helps you with invoice customization and sending, stock tracking, purchasing, payroll, and much more. 

Quickbooks Online Overview

The platform is fairly easy to navigate through and one doesn’t need an accounting background to use it. Furthermore, the tool also helps you analyze your sales activities, potential opportunities, or even the inventory across various warehouses. 


Here are some attractive features of Quickbooks Online

  • Allows you to monitor the expense and income between a certain time duration
  • Automatically calculates your sales tax and deductions related to your Amazon business
  • Can be used offline as well
  • Video tutorials and online assistance to help you understand the platform and its operation
  • Synchronizes perfectly with your multiple bank accounts and can be accessed through mobile phone
  • Inventory management assistance helps you track your inventory throughout the sale
  • An effective payroll and employee management system to streamline your salary distribution

Pricing Information:

Quickbooks Online provides 4 basic plans for its users – Simple Start, Essentials, Plus, and Advanced.

A simple plan, a single-user license costs $12.50/month and gives you access to almost all the premium features such as income and expenses tracking, payment and invoice, tax assistance, etc.

Essentials plan costs $25/month and gives you access to all the premium services along with 3-user license support and the ability to manage and pay the bills. 

Plus plan costs you $40/month with the added support of 5 users along with inventory and profitability tracking.

Advanced plan is more suitable for medium-big organizations. It comes with 5+ user license support. The plan costs $90/month and has great benefits such as employee payroll management, app integrations, a dedicated accounting team, online training, and much more. 

4. A2X

A2x is a cloud-based accounting system to keep a record of your Amazon business transactions. The tool can be easily integrated with other popular accounting platforms such as Shopify, Xero, and Quickbooks and send the sales data from different channels to your accounting platform.

A2X Overview

You also get the detailed monthly financial reports including your sales and expense, the profit margin, your tax deductions along with the inventory details such as total inventory value and the cost of sold items, etc. 


Here are some key highlights of the A2X accounting system:

  • Let’s you connect with accounting experts from all over the world to address your queries
  • Integrates with tax computing companies and allows you to keep an eye on your tax deductions with high accuracy
  • Easy monthly fulfillment reports including inventory data such as availability, value, and location
  • A detailed comparison between the goods values and sales performance to let assess your profit
  • MIgrates accounting information from various platforms to one centralized platform
  • Access to customer care and various Accounting communities 

Pricing Information:

A2X comes with 4 basic premium plans – Mini, Starter, Standard, and Standard 10k. The plans are based on the number of orders you generate each month. Let’s have a look

A2X Pricing Plan

MIni plan costs $19/month and comes with the following benefits

  • Supports a single Amazon seller ID and a single Amazon marketplace
  • Lets you retrieve up to 3 months of Amazon settlement history
  • Customer support through email and chat

Starter plan costs $49/month with few additional features to the Mini plan

  • 1 Amazon merchant ID and Unlimited marketplace support
  • Inventory locations for your FBA business
  • Cost estimation of sold inventory
  • Up to 12 months of settlement history 

Standard plan is the most popular one which costs you $69/month

  • Up to 24 months of Amazon settlement history
  • Single Amazon seller ID and unlimited marketplaces support
  • Emal and live chat support
  • Inventory locations and cost estimation

Standard 10k account is more suitable for the sellers with a huge amount of monthly orders. The plan costs $139/month and comes with the following benefits

  • Maximum transaction history from Amazon
  • Premium one-to-one support for your queries
  • Inventory management and cost estimation

5. GoDaddy Online Bookkeeping

Previously named Outright, the GoDaddy online Bookkeeping is one of the most affordable accounting assistants that you can get. Recently acquired by a popular domain name seller Godaddy, the platform is available for online use only. However, it has an extremely simple user interface which is perfect for beginners or sellers with no accounting background.

GoDaddy Overview

The bookkeeping platform provides a set of useful tools such as tax support, expenses analysis, and integration with e-commerce websites. Although the tool lacks some important features such as bank reconciliation, it offers very good customer privacy and data security. If you are looking to expand your online business, you can give Godaddy Online Bookkeeping a try.


  • Allows you to prepare customized invoices, then send and track them
  • Provides you with your net profit or loss on a single view with a few clicks
  • Brilliantly works with Tax deductions
  • It keeps a record of your monthly financial activities such as payments, expenses, and income.
  • Very affordable plans, suitable for freelancers

Pricing Information:

GoDaddy bookkeeping offers 3 premium plans for its customers – Get Paid, Essentials and Premium.

Get Paid plan costs $5/month with the following features:

  • Invoicing and cost estimation
  • Payment retrieval from credit/debit cards
  • Time tracking 

Essentials plan will cost you $10/month. Let’s have a look at the services covered in this plan:

  • Retrieve sales data from e-commerce websites
  • Tax worksheets
  • Unlimited financial reports
  • Syncing with your bank account 

Premium plan offers everything from Get Paid and Essential Plan along with the recurring invoice feature. The premium plan costs you only $15/month.

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There you have it. Managing Amazon’s business an not an easy feat to achieve, especially when you are fulfilling a bulk of orders on daily basis. And you just have enough time to dedicate to sales, product listing, and marketing. With the use of any of these Accounting Software mentioned above, you can streamline the process of invoicing, billing, tax calculations, or even employee payroll management. 

Here are some quick suggestions:

  • If you are looking for an accounting software as well as a comprehensive seller tool, Helium 10 is, without a doubt, the best option for you.
  • GoDaddy bookkeeping is one of the most affordable accounting assistants out there. It’s perfect for freelancers.
  • Quickbooks online is the best tool for tax calculations and deductions analysis. So if you are looking for a taxation-specific tool, you can opt for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Amazon Accounting Software?

Amazon Accounting Software is a set of tools to organize your Amazon business finances such as invoicing, taxation, and billing. They also help you analyze your expenses, income, and profit.

What is the benefit of using Amazon Accounting Software?

The accounting software helps you track and manage your financial activities and maximizes your efforts, saving you an ample amount of time that you can use to increase sales. 

Is it free to use Amazon Accounting Software?

Most accounting software provides a free trial for the users but it’s for a limited time. 

How do I manage my Amazon business income and expenses?

You can either hire a professional accountant or form an account team depending on the size of your business. The easier and cheaper way is to use Amazon Accounting Software. 

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