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Viral Launch Review (2022): Is It Worth Your Money?

Indeed, Amazon is the biggest name in the e-commerce arena right now. If we talk numbers, there are well over 130 million products currently listed on Amazon and hundreds of millions of buyers looking to make a purchase every month at the marketplace. One must think, why not sell on Amazon and bring home some big cash? 

Well, the number of people looking to sell on Amazon is not small, in fact, currently, there are almost 2.5 million active merchants on Amazon. So if you are one of those aspiring entrepreneurs who want to turn your fortune, you will have to face some fierce competition. This is when you need a seller tool like Viral Launch. 

There are several Amazon seller toolkits available in the market and figuring out which one is the right one according to your business needs, can be a daunting task. The viral launch has been on the scene for almost 8 years now and has helped thousands of sellers to successfully establish their business on Amazon. 

Now, After using the tool for a little over 8 months, I am ready to share my experience of Viral Launch. In this article, I will cover each element of the tool in detail including its key features, affordability, and success rate. Stay with me till the end and hopefully, we will be able to decide if Viral Launch is the way to go.

Viral Launch: A Quick Rundown

Viral Launch is a multi-tool platform that is designed to assist Amazon sellers throughout their journey on Amazon. The platform includes more than 10 different tools which will help you in finding a profitable product, selecting the high converting keywords, analyzing your competitors’ strategies, and so on.

Viral Launch Overview

Launched back in 2014, the Viral launch has helped its users generate over $8 billion in sales worldwide. Apart from taking care of business-end requirements, the platform also consists of specific tools for special PPC planning and for generating advertisements for your business. 

If you are a beginner, Viral Launch also will come in handy in spotting new opportunities through market analysis, improving the quality of your listing, and scaling up your performance.  

Viral Launch: What It Brings to the Table?

From product research to product launch, and keyword search to listing optimization, Viral Launch has tools for everything you need to improve your business style and generate a high number of sales. Let’s go through some key features of the platform.

Market Intelligence:

With the Market Intelligence tool, You can refine your product research further. Market intelligence analyzes a product’s historical performance based on its selling cost, sales history, past profit, and so on. 

You can also find out what sellers are selling the exact product and what their prices are along with the sales estimates, and current market trends. 

Simply locate the market Intelligence tool on the Viral launch page, and search with the product name you are planning to sell. You will gather some vital information regarding competitors’ sales figures, per unit profit, monthly revenue, and sales. 

Competitor Intelligence:

Competitor Intelligence has been one of the best additions to the Viral launch toolkit. This is the best way to spy on your competitors and know about their strategy and listings. 

Competitor Intelligence

All you need to do is type a product’s ASIN and search and you can explore all the top keywords from your rivals. Not just that, you also get valuable insight into the product’s price, sales, reviews, keyword ranks, sales traffic, and so on. 

Competitor Intelligence is a great way to keep your rivals under surveillance at your fingertips. A good Amazon listing is all about keywords that make your product appear higher in Amazon search results. With Competitor Intelligence, you can track down the best performing keywords of your rivals, analyze their performance, copy their strategy, and come up with a better one if you can.

Product Discovery:

Finding a product to sell is the first step towards your Amazon journey and The Product Discovery makes sure it’s the best one. The tool is there to help you find the top-performing products that you can choose from to sell on Amazon. 

You can find additional details such as the number of sellers selling the same product, product demand, and its performance. Simply click on Product Discovery, enter the keyword and let the tool do the magic. You can also base your search on various filters such as profit margin, average review rating, and investment cost. 

Keyword Research:

As I mentioned above, Amazon listings are all about keywords. Few quality keywords can make or break your sale. With the Viral launch, you get a comprehensive Keyword research tool that allows you to look up for most trending keywords that may push your product higher and make them easily discoverable on Amazon. 

Keyword Research

Simply go to Keyword Research, type the keywords of your choice, and you are presented with various data metrics related to the keyword including priority score, relativity score, search volume on the keyword, search trend, and opportunity score.

You can use competitor intelligence to find your rival’s keywords and run them on the keyword research tool to find out their exact performance and success rate. 

Browser Extension:

Viral Launch also provides a Chrome extension for you to have all the necessary tools and data within a reach of a few clicks. The extension comes in handy while you are browsing the Amazon website for products.

All the information about the product can be retrieved from the extension, without signing in to your Viral Launch profile. The relevant keywords, monthly sales of any product, and historical sales figures, 

In other words, the extension is a quick product discovery tool where you get quick product information, market analysis and trends, and sales estimates. Simply download it from Google Chrome Web Store or the Viral Launch website and add it to your browser. 

Listing Creation and Optimization:

The listing Builder tool integrates all the data obtained from product discovery, keyword research, and market intelligence and helps you create the most attractive and successful listings. 

Simply open Listing Builder and start creating your listings using your keywords. You can also import your existing listings and optimize them using relevant keywords. The listing builder shows you the trending keywords to use which you can sort by volume, ranking, and competition.

After you are done creating your listing, you can check the optimization score to further evaluate your listing. 

Listing Analysis is a total screening and optimization process of the listing which you’ve created. You can compare your listing based on price, revenue, and sales. Moreover, you get vital information regarding photos used in the listing (quality, number, and size), and a final optimization score based on the keywords, content, and photos. 

Kinetic PPC and Product Launch:

Viral Launch also provides product launch and PPC services for its Pro plan customers. This module is handled by the launch team of market experts at Viral Launch.

Kinetic PPC and Product Launch

You can simply launch a product using the website and the team does everything needed to expose your listing to the maximum number of consumers.  

With Viral launch, you don’t need to worry about managing your PPC campaigns manually. Instead, it’s been taken care of by the experts and they implement required customization rules such as targeting the product, search terms, advertisement, and other PPC variables. 

Viral Launch: How Much It Costs?

Viral Launch has 3 plans for its customers – Essentials, Pro, and Pro Plus Ads. 

Viral Launch Pricing Plan



The Essentials plan comes with product discovery and keyword research tools. You also get a Chrome extension for instant product research. Additionally, you get access to the global market data for worldwide product research. 



The Pro plan includes everything from the Essential plan. Besides that, you get more filters including sales history, and monthly to widen your product discovery. You also get full access to the listing builder and competitor intelligence tools. Moreover, you get the powerful keyword tracker tool to monitor your keyword performance, rank, search volume, and so on.

Pro Plus Ads


Pro Plus ads plan gives you full access to the Viral Launch Platform and is more suitable if you are looking to generate advertisements and want product launch services. Along with all the features from the Essential and Pro plans, Pro Plus Ads plan gives you campaigning ideas, 24/7 PPC monitoring, campaign rules customizations, and much more. 


All the plans include:

  • Expert assistance
  • FBA studying material including video guides, ebooks, and so on
  • Tutorials on how to sell on Amazon
  • Up to a 15% discount if you purchase a yearly plan 

Viral Launch: Additional Features

When you are running an Amazon business, you heavily rely on the data in order to analyze competition, market trends, product demand, and so on. The more precise the data is, the higher the chances for your strategy to work out. 

With Viral Launch, the margin or error is very less, due to the highly accurate data elements. The platform has access to over 28 million Amazon Products across the marketplace and it provides real-time data, meaning you can base your planning on the current market trends and buyers’ moods.

To analyze the accuracy of seller tools, the popular FBA software company Jungle Scout has performed a deep research on more than 10 seller kits. According to this report, Viral Launch is second on the list in terms of data accuracy and validity.

Now, how valid this report is, is a bit tricky to find out since Jungle Scout is also a popular FBA seller platform and sits on top in this accuracy result. However, We have talked to Amazon sellers who use or used Viral Launch services, and the opinions were mostly positive and only confirmed Jungle Scout’s results. The margin of error is very low (18-22%) with Viral Launch and 4 out of 5 times you are likely to have accurate market data.

Viral Launch also has a customer care service for its users, however, the experience is not fantastic, according to the sellers we’ve talked to. You can raise your concern via phone call and email but there is no round-the-clock customer support and sometimes there are big delays in response. 

Also, many users have complained about the quality of service regarding their payment and refund-related issues and others claimed they hardly got a response from the support team, let alone a solution. In my opinion, this is the only downside of the otherwise exceptional tool Viral Launch. 

The user interface of the platform is straightforward and most of the tools are accessible directly from the dashboard itself. However, if you are a newbie and this is your first time using a seller tool, it’s a good idea to go through all the platform tutorials and how-to guides to get a good understanding of the tools and features. 

Moreover, you have a browser extension for quick product discovery. You can simply download it from the website or Google Chrome web store and integrate it to your browser and you are ready to go. This comes in very handy when you are browsing through Amazon’s website for products and you need details regarding its sales history, best sellers, price history, and so on. With a browser extension, you have all the necessary information just a few clicks away. 

Viral Launch: Pros and Cons

1.Highly accurate data (~80% accuracy, according to Jungle Scout reportConsiderably expensive plans compared to other seller tools.
2.Chrome extension for quick access to the product discovery toolIt might take a while to get hold of the platform and all the tools
3.One of the best listing builders and optimization tools in the marketCustomer care service is below par in terms of response time and quality
4.Best software for Product launch and PPC campaigningCan be overwhelming for beginners with the amount of data and procedures 
5.Market intelligence and Competitor Intelligence tools to scale up your rivalsKeywords research and PPC tools are not included in lower plans

Viral Launch: Alternatives

Amongst the several Seller tools floating around the market, only a few can match the level and accuracy of Viral Launch. I’ve come across more than 8 seller suits and FBA tools and came to the conclusion that Helium 10 and Jungle Scout are 2 worthy competitors for Viral launch. 

Helium 10 is an all-in-one FBA solution program for your business. It comes with more than 14 seller stools including product research, keyword research, Inventory manager (which is missing in Viral Launch), and so on. Moreover, it offers an 8-weeks FBA training program- Freedom Ticket which allows you to learn Amazon e-commerce from the inside out. The Pricing starts at $39/month with 2 weeks money-back guarantee. 

Although Jungle Scout has been around for less time than Viral Launch, it has created a strong customer base in a short period. The tool is an all-rounder business platform and is often ranked the best tool that a seller would ever need. The platform is very helpful for beginners to set up their business as well as for professionals to expand their outreach and increase their sales. It has a powerful product search tool along with keyword research and a performance tracker. Additionally, you get access to a global supplier database which is very helpful in finding the best and cheapest manufacturers to import your inventory from. The plan starts from $49/month with a 7-day free trial period. 

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The Big Question: Is Viral Launch Worth A Shot?

That’s all in this Viral Launch review. I hope the article provided you with sufficient information about the platform and its features. Yes, the pricing is a bit over the top and there are other tools of the same caliber available at a lower price. 

It’s an integration of various independent tools, working together to achieve one goal – a higher sale for you. However, it is the best solution to plan the product launches and organize PPC campaigns. Unfortunately, you need to buy the more expensive plans to avail of these features but it’s worth every penny you spend.

For me, there are 2 key highlights of Viral Launch

  •  The extensive product discovery tool allows you to use various filters and parameters to find exactly what you are looking for – the most profitable and top trending product.
  • Competitor Intelligence and Market intelligence tools work like a charm to give you every bit of detail about the product and its sellers for you to plan a better strategy than your rivals.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the pricing of Viral Launch?

A. The Basic plan of Viral Launch starts at $69/month. YOu also get a Pro plan at $99 and Pro Plus Ads at $199 which is more suitable for product launches and PPC campaigning. 

Is Viral launch data accurate?

According to Jungle Scout’s accuracy test, Viral Launch holds 79.3% accuracy. Unfortunately, there is no method to find out the legitimacy of this test, but according to the sellers who used Viral Launch, the platform has a 20% margin of error which is somewhat similar to the result from the Jungle Scout test.

Which one is better – Helium 10 or Viral launch?

In my opinion, Helium 10 is the better of the two. It’s a complete seller suite that offers more tools and services than any other platform. Moreover, you get the Freedom ticket FBA training for free with any of the premium plans. 

Does Viral Launch offer any free trial?

Viral Launch is offering 14 days of free trial for all its new users, so you can try Viral Launch free for 14 days to get familiar with its features and service.

Can I get Chrome Extension on Viral Launch?

Absolutely, you will get a Chrome extension on every Viral Launch pricing plan that helps you to review market data and exact sales estimates.

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