The Garden Year

There’s something to see all year round at Wentworth Castle Gardens.

Many visitors just love to stroll around, exploring the gardens and discovering plants for themselves – but if you’re new to Wentworth Castle, we thought we would highlight some of our favourite areas to help guide you.


Middle Garden: Magnolia Sargentiana

Lady Lucy’s Walk: Galanthus Nivalis, Galanthus Flora Plena Snow Drops


Middle Garden: Magnolia Cambellii and forms

Lady Lucy’s Shrubbery: Primula sp.


Fernery and Lady Lucy’s Shrubbery: Camelia x Williamsii cvs

Lady Lucy’s Shrubbery: Narcissus Lobularis


John Arnold Garden: Tulip Hybrids

Victorian Flower Garden: Hyacinth (Bedding Hybrids)


Middle Garden: Hardy Hybrid Rhododendrons (inc. Countess Fitzwilliam)

Victorian flower garden 2012Victorian Flower Garden: Fritillaria Imperialis


Victorian Flower Garden: Rosa Gallica

Wilderness: Rhododendron sp., Macabeanum, Sino Grande


John Arnold Garden: Allium sp.

dahlias redLady Lucy’s Shrubbery: Lilium Citronella


John Arnold Garden: Cynara Cardunculus Cardoon, Angelica Archangelica

John Arnold Garden: Dahlia (Bedding Hybrids)

Lady Lucy’s Shrubbery: Hydrangea Aspera Vilolosa group


Middle Garden and Wilderness: Magnolia Grandiflora and CVS

Lady Lucy’s Walk: Tilia Lime Tree

rhodo snow 2November

Middle Garden: Fuchsia sp.

Fernery: Arum Italicum Jack in a Pulpit


Hornbeam Walk, near Archer’s Hill Gate: Heleborous foetidus Stinking Helebore

Union Jack Garden: Ilex Aquijelium Holly with Yellow Berries