Freedom Ticket Review 2024: Is This Course Worth It?

You must have seen people turn the tides and make fortunes by selling Amazon products. Unfortunately, the reality is more complex than it appears to be. To become a successful Amazon Seller, you need a deep understanding of online marketing and the Amazon ecosystem. Several training programs are available, but I like Freedom Ticket, so I am here with this in-depth Helium 10 review.

Helium 10’s Freedom ticket is one of those training courses that may help you get the breakthrough. For example, if you are looking to enter the Amazon market but struggling to find the right products to sell or hesitating to invest a chunk of money, a good FBA training program is all you need.

These FBA training programs aren’t cheap by any means, and it’s always a good idea to understand the course, duration, and price before investing in it. This article covers all the information you need about the Freedom Ticket training program.

So if you want to take the course, look at the detailed review.

Freedom Ticket – A Quick Introduction

The Freedom Ticket is an online course that provides access to the best Amazon FBA business training available. The course content covers everything from setting up an Amazon FBA business to optimizing it for success. It also provides free access to the famous Amazon FBA Course, a comprehensive guide for launching and growing your Amazon FBA business.

Freedom Ticket Overview

With this course, you will get access to valuable resources such as videos, articles, and downloadable materials that can help you make the most of your Amazon FBA business.

The course also offers a unique platform for interacting with other entrepreneurs and industry experts who can provide valuable advice and mentorship.

With the Freedom Ticket, you’ll have all the tools you need to succeed in launching and growing your own successful Amazon FBA business.

How does Freedom Ticket help you make money?

Freedom Ticket is an online course that helps you make money through Amazon FBA. It gives you access to all the course content, Amazon FBA training, and the best Amazon FBA business practices. With access to Freedom Ticket, you can learn everything you need about the Amazon FBA business process and how to launch your own successful business.

You’ll get the latest strategies to maximize profits and helpful tips from experienced professionals. Plus, you’ll have free access to a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who can provide valuable feedback and support as you progress in your journey toward success with your Amazon FBA business.

All this makes Freedom Ticket one of the best Amazon FBA courses available for anyone looking to start a profitable online store.

Freedom Ticket Program: What is included

The Freedom Ticket Program is a great initiative that provides an accessible pathway to the American Dream for many. It gives those who have struggled with homelessness, unemployment, and criminal justice involvement an opportunity to break the cycle of poverty.

This program includes financial assistance for housing, transportation, education, job training, and placement services.

Along with these services, it also provides mentoring and supportive services to help individuals successfully integrate into society. Furthermore, the Freedom Ticket Program encourages collaboration among local governments and organizations to create a more sustainable path toward economic self-sufficiency.

This program is truly making a difference in so many lives by giving individuals the tools they need to get back on their feet and achieve their goals of a better future.

Here are some of the key things you will get to learn during the training:

  • A complete c-commerce guide and private label strategy.
  • A brief introduction to the Amazon business environment.
  • Step-by-step guide on how to sell on Amazon successfully.
  • Strategies to attract high customer volume on Amazon and sell more products.
  • Video guides as well readable material.
  • Private sessions with marketing experts as well as successful Amazon Sellers.
  • Access to real-time data from Helium 10.
  • Access to the complete Helium 10 seller tools.
  • Over 60 video modules.

Freedom Ticket Review: Course Details 

The Freedom Ticket course is spread over 10 weeks and over 60 video modules, each covering specific aspects of Amazon marketing that will help you learn the business from the inside out.

Let’s get into the details of each week/module:

Freedom Ticket Weekly Plan

Week 1: Introduction to Amazon

This module includes a basic introduction to the Amazon business environment and the course. The idea is to familiarize you with the training program and the opportunities you might secure with its help. The module consists of the following:

  • Introduction to Freedom Ticket Course
  • The Amazon Business Opportunities
  • Possibilities and Potential of Amazon 
  • How Much Can You Make From Products Found in 5 Minutes
  • Summary of the Course

Week 2: Basic Of Amazon Selling

This section consists of tips on setting up your Amazon business from scratch. You will learn about essential terminologies of Amazon, how and how much to invest, and other requirements. Here is the list of the modules:

  • Basic Requirements for Amazon Business
  • How to Move Your Money Between Countries
  • Different Ways to Sell Products on Amazon
  • Seller Central Walkthrough
  • Necessary Amazon Terminologies
  • The Estimated Money Requirement
  • What to Expect at the Beginning

Week 3: All About Money

This is one of the essential modules where you will learn about the cost estimation required to run your Amazon business smoothly. The module also focuses on managing cash flow and finances. Details of modules are as follows:

  • What Can You Do With $5k On Amazon
  • Making A Brand
  • Ladder of Loyalty
  • How the money moves around
  • Categories Approval
  • Estimated Cost to Sell
  • Introduction to Sponsored Advertisements
  • Managing the Cashflow 

Week 4: Finding A Product To Sell

This module teaches you the importance of finding a winning product to sell. With Freedom Ticket, you also get familiar with Helium 10 seller tools, including the product research tool – Black Box, which will come in handy to find popular and profitable products to sell. The details of the module are as follows:

  • Overview of Helium 10 Seller Tools
  • Where to Look For Product Ideas
  • How to Search Keywords and Choose the Products
  • Product Evaluation
  • Picking the Right Product 
  • The Freedom Ticket Product test
  • Reviews and Competition
  • How to Use Blackbox to Search For Products
  • The ‘Chinese’ Way of Thinking

Week 5: Logistics/Shipping

Another important module requires severe concentration and might seem overwhelming but hold tight. The modules are designed systematically so that you will get through them. The segment mostly talks about logistics and shipping procedures. You will learn how to find reliable suppliers and what mistakes you need to make to avoid financial loss. The module also covers some critical tactics on supplier verification, methods of shipping, the quantity you should order, and much more.

Here is a detailed list of modules covered in Week 5:

  • Where to import the Products
  • Finding the ‘Chinese’ Factory
  • How to Avoid Financial Loss
  • Common Mistakes to Avoid with Sourcing
  • UPC and Packaging
  • Product Websites and Package items
  • Quantity You Should Order
  • How to Create Purchase Orders and Invoicing
  • Legal Purchase Order in China
  • Methods of Shipping
  • Shipping Conditions and Possible Obstacles
  • Seller Central: Create the Shipment
  • Compare the Prices From Suppliers
  • How to Save maximum money on Shipping
  • Modes of Shipment and When/Where to Use Them
  • Volumetric Weight and Actual Weight
  • Rookie Errors You Must Avoid with Shipping
  • International Packaging Standards
  • Small Parcel Delivery and Less Than Truck Delivery: Differences

Week 6: Secure Your Product and Sell on Amazon

During week 6, you will finally learn how to get your product ready for sale. This process includes brand registration and securing trademarks and patents. The module also introduces you to product listings and the keys to making sales. Furthermore, you can access various Amazon sellers’ reviews and learn how to use them. Finally, let’s look at the modules covered in this segment.

  • Register Your Brand
  • Secure the Patents and Trademarks
  • How to Become a Great Seller 
  • Activities that are not allowed in Amazon Ecosystem
  • Sales Checklist
  • Ranking Methods Used by Amazon
  • Product Listing
  • How to Utilize Your Competitor’s Reviews
  • How to Become Discoverable on Amazon
  • How to Make a Sale
  • A9 Search Engine

Week 7: Create Successful Listings/Sales Page

This module is about preparing your Amazon sales page using attractive and popular keywords and product listings. You get to learn about Product listing and Helium 10’s keyword research tools – Cerebro and Magnet, and Listing optimization tools – Scribbles and Frankenstein. The module also teaches you the fine details of attracting the maximum traffic to your page using appropriate keywords.

Here is what the 7th week of training covers:

  • What Is Product Listing
  • Importance of A Catchy Title
  • How to Write Product Descriptions and Bullet Points
  • Using Popular and Attractive Keywords
  • Using Proper Images
  • Testing and Creating Relevant Images
  • How to Create Product Listing

Week 8: Make Sales On Amazon

This module will teach you how to make sales on Amazon. It focuses on helping you set up ads for your product and also helps with creating sponsored ads for the products. Finally, we look at a few other tactics that can help you in making more sales. Here is the list of modules covered:

  • How to Create Ads on Amazon
  • Introduction to Sponsored Ads
  • How to Set Up Your Target Audience
  • Understanding Automatic vs Manual Campaigns
  • Setting Up Product Display Ads
  • Analyzing the Performance of Your Ad Campaigns
  • Using Competitor’s Aspect For Your Advantage
  • Strategies To Maximize Revenue From Ads
  • Other Tactics To Increase Sales
  • How To Use Other Platforms For Advertising 

Week 9: Launching Your Product

After completing the 8 weeks of training, you are now ready for product launch. In this module, we will talk about the strategies to launch your product and how to succeed with Amazon FBA. You will also learn about automation tools that help you save time and money while operating on Amazon. The week nine modules are as follows:

  • Pre-Launch Strategies
  • Launch Strategies to Succeed
  • Managing Your Inventory – Reordering and Overselling
  • Introduction to Automation Tools for Amazon FBA
  • How to Optimize Your Listings for SEO
  • Analyzing Sales Performance & Forecasting Growth
  • How to Use Seller Feedback To Improve Your Business
  • Case Studies of Successful Sellers
  • Tips to Scale Your Business on Amazon FBA.

Week 10: Tips on Advertising, Promotion, and Ranking

The final module teaches you about Amazon’s promotions and advertising. It covers the essential lessons of creating lucrative deals and promotional offers to attract customers without losing much profit. You also get the feel of Amazon PPC campaigning and how to promote your product using various tactics to appear further up in Amazon search results.

Here are the details of the module:

  • How to Prepare Discount and Promotional Offers
  • Brand Analysis 
  • Create Lucrative Deals
  • Appear on Page 1
  • Amazon Private URL
  • How to Launch Using Facebook 
  • How to Use Chatbots to Launch Your Products
  • Introduction to Amazon PPC Campaign
  • How Much Should You Invest in PPC
  • Product Targeting Campaign
  • Set up Primary PPC Campaigns
  • Summary of the Course: Freedom Ticket. 

Freedom Ticket Review: Pricing and offers

There are two different ways you can be a part of the Freedom Ticket training program:
If you want to pay for the course as a standalone purchase, it costs you $997. You can also pay 3 installments of $397 each ($1191). Once you finish the 8 weeks of training, you can access the entire material and modules for future use. This plan is suitable for sellers who already use some other Amazon FBA seller tools.

However, if you are starting your journey as an Amazon seller and not using any Seller tool, I suggest you purchase a Starter Plan of Helium 10. With the starter plan, you get full access to the Freedom Ticket training program and some essential Amazon Seller tools such as Keyword Research, Listing optimizer, Financial Analytics, Product research tools, and much more. You can choose the Platinum or Diamond plan based on your business size and the requirements if you want to take advantage of the complete Helium 10 Seller suite. The Freedom Ticket course comes with any of Helium 10’s premium plans.

Helium 10 Pricing

Here is the pricing detail of Helium 10 premium plans:

  • Starter – $39/month
  • Platinum – $99/month
  • Diamond – $279/month

You can also claim upto 20% discount for 6 months on the Platinum and Diamond plans using these exclusive Helium 10 Coupon Codes. There is a 7-day unconditional money-back guarantee with every Helium 10 plan.

Freedom Ticket Review: Pros & Cons


  • Comprehensive ecommerce instruction and training
  • Strategies to maximize return on investment
  • Direct guidance from Amazon professionals
  • A sustainable revenue model


  • High initial expenses
  • Not ideal for the time and resource-limited

How to Access Freedom Ticket Course?

Accessing the Freedom Ticket Course is easy – all you need to do is head to the official website and click on the ‘Sign Up’ button. Once you’re signed up, you will be able to view all of the courses available. Each class offers a variety of modules that teach different strategies for achieving financial freedom.

You can take as much or as little time as you need to complete each module and move through the course at your own pace. Additionally, helpful resources such as a supportive community forum and a library of videos and tutorials are available to help you get the most out of your experience.

Accessing Freedom Ticket Course is simple, with plenty of support along the way!

Freedom Ticket vs Other Amazon FBA Courses

The Freedom Ticket Amazon FBA Course stands out among other Amazon FBA courses due to its comprehensive course content. This course gives you access to an entire suite of Amazon FBA business training materials, making it one of the best Amazon FBA online courses.

Freedom Ticket offers free access to its training materials, unlike many other courses that charge a fee. This makes them ideal for those looking for quality Amazon FBA training without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re just starting or looking to expand your existing Amazon FBA business, Freedom Ticket offers comprehensive course content and free access.

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Final Verdict: Freedom Ticket Is #1 Amazon FBA Course

Yes, Becoming an Amazon Seller is a serious career now. Like any other profession, you need a proper understanding of the field before you step into it, especially when financial risk is involved. If you are one of those individuals who like to think out of the box and are determined to become an entrepreneur rather than adjusting to the 9-5 lifestyle, Freedom Ticket can be your key to success.

The Freedom ticket gives you the cushion by eliminating the guesswork and makes you aware of the immediate steps you need to take to start your Amazon business and promote and advertise your product. Not only that. It also provides you with all the marketing experience to keep your business running.

To summarize, If you want to be a successful FBA seller, the freedom ticket to success. The training program differs from conventional video guides. You can also connect to market experts in one-to-one sessions to learn the details of doing business on Amazon.

Many other FBA courses available on the market may prove an excellent alternative to the Freedom Ticket. Here are a few of them:

  • Jungle Scout Academy – $999 for 1 year
  • Amazon Selling Machine – $4997
  • Marketplace Superheroes – $997
  • Seller System – $59/month 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best FBA training program?

Freedom is considered the best FBA training program with detailed video modules on Amazon business tips and tricks and interactions with Amazon business experts and sellers. With the Helium 10 premium plan, you get access to the entire FBA course and Amazon Seller tools such as Product research, Keyword Management, etc.

How much does Freedom Ticket training cost?

As a standalone course, Freedom Ticket costs $997, but you can get it free with any Helium 10 premium plan starting at $39/month.

What are the terms and conditions for the money-back guarantee?

If you make a one-time payment for the Freedom Ticket course, As a condition of the agreement, they must sign a waiver rescinding the 30-day money-back promise. If you purchase the system through Helium 10 premium plan, you can only cancel the membership after you complete the course. Otherwise, your guarantee will lapse.

How to become a successful Amazon Seller?

Becoming a successful Amazon seller requires a lot of planning and understanding of e-commerce and marketing strategies. You can take advantage of Amazon Seller tools and FBA training programs to fast-forward the process and start your business on Amazon in a significantly short time.

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