The Garden Year

There’s something to see all year round at Wentworth Castle Gardens.

Many visitors just love to stroll around, exploring the gardens and discovering plants for themselves - but if you’re new to Wentworth Castle, we thought we would highlight some of our favourite areas to help you.  Don’t forget the Victorian Conservatory has something in flower in every season.


Middle Garden: Magnolia Sargentiana

Lady Lucy’s Walk: Galanthus Nivalis, Galanthus Flora Plena Snow Drops


Middle Garden: Magnolia Cambellii and forms

Lady Lucy’s Shrubbery: Primula sp.


Fernery and Lady Lucy’s Shrubbery: Camelia x Williamsii cvs

Lady Lucy’s Shrubbery: Narcissus Lobularis


John Arnold Garden: Tulip Hybrids

Victorian Flower Garden: Hyacinth (Bedding Hybrids)


Middle Garden: Hardy Hybrid Rhododendrons (inc. Countess rhodies 7Fitzwilliam)

Victorian Flower Garden: Fritillaria Imperialis


Victorian Flower Garden: Rosa Gallica

Wilderness: Rhododendron sp., Macabeanum, Sino Grande


John Arnold Garden: Allium sp.

Lady Lucy’s Shrubbery: Lilium Citronella


John Arnold Garden: Cynara Cardunculus Cardoon, Angelica Archangelica

John Arnold Garden: Dahlia (Bedding Hybrids)

Lady Lucy’s Shrubbery: Hydrangea Aspera Vilolosa group


Middle Garden and Wilderness: Magnolia Grandiflora and CVS

Lady Lucy’s Walk: Tilia Lime Tree


Middle Garden: Fuchsia sp.

Fernery: Arum Italicum Jack in a Pulpit


Hornbeam Walk, near Archer’s Hill Gate: Heleborous foetidus Stinking Helebore

Union Jack Garden: Ilex Aquijelium Holly with Yellow Berries

04-007 to replace low res image of baroque wing (Claire Herring's conflicted copy 2020-08-27) The Baroque Elevation after restoration June 2014 011