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Easter in the Gardens

Easter is daffodils, lambs and eggs, and they’re all here! Daffodils and narcissi scattered around the gardens, lambs in the parkland and eggs at the end of the egg rollong contest and the Easter Egg Hunt. The camellias are in full bloom; take the path on the right below Stainborough Castle and you will see… Read more »

Spring News, April

It feels like Spring is really here. There are daffodils in bloom around the conservatory and Stainborough Castle and along Lady Lucy’s Walk, with more in bud in the Union Jack Garden. The tulips are poking their leaves through the soil in the John Arnold Garden, and should be in bloom in 2 or 3… Read more »

What’s in Flower in March

The current mix of sunshine and warmth is now bringing many of the early flowers into bloom. Snowdrops and Cyclamen are looking beautiful under the trees. The green, purple and white Hellebores are showing well in the Exit Garden, along Lady Lucy’s Walk and on the banks outside the Conservatory. Early Rhododendrons are flowering in… Read more »

Changing seasons

 The Gardens have an autumnal feel about them now, some of the trees already clad with red, orange and yellow leaves glowing brilliantly in the sunlight. The Victorian Flower Garden is still flowering beautifully, due in part to the wet weather this year. The Castor Oil plants (Ricinus communis) have done very well and provide a wonderful… Read more »

Bursting into Bloom

The amount of snow that fell this week took us all by surprise. After basking in the sun all last week, the poor plants were subjected to 3 inches of wet snow and strong, blustery winds. There’s no harm done though, other than a few handfuls of vibrant fallen petals adding colour to the woodland floor…. Read more »

Springing into Life

It really feels like spring is in the air at the moment. At long last there is some warmth in the sun and the extra daylight at each end of the day is very welcome. The Gardens are coming to life now, the first Camellias are in bloom, displaying of a range of colours ranging… Read more »

A Royal Visitor

His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales paid a visit to the Gardens on a very foggy day earlier this week. Prince Charles toured the Gardens in the company of the Trust Director and Estate Manager, chatting to the gardeners and volunteers to find out more about their work and about the historic follies that… Read more »

Exciting news!

At long last we are about to start work to restore our Victorian Conservatory. Built around 1885 the cast iron Conservatory was bought from Chelmsford company Crompton & Fawkes and featured a geometrically patterned tiled floor, complex heating system and a rare luxury at that time - electric lighting. Also innovative for the time was a rainwater… Read more »

A Thin Covering of Snow

The gardens have been ringing with the sound of excited children for the last couple of weeks. After paying a visit to Santa, the school groups have been busily working out the answers to the Christmas Gardens Trail Quiz and have been thoroughly enjoying doing so. This year has been an unusually dry year in this… Read more »

Preparing for the spring

This is a busy time for the Garden Team in what has so far been a mild autumn. In the last couple of weeks the summer bedding plants have been taken out of the Victorian Flower Garden which has now been replanted for the spring. Purple, Yellow and White will be the dominant colours and… Read more »