Your Visit to the Gardens

Our aim is to provide the pupils with an enjoyable and educational day. They will discover how plants live and grow in the beautiful setting of the Victorian Flower Garden; use identification guides to pStainborough Castle Dragonut names to some of the many tree species: enhance literacy skills by describing their surroundings; become garden explorers to find out where in the world our plants came from and discover what they need to survive and grow; hunt for mini-beasts and discover why we need to provide them with somewhere to live.
Our 300 year old folly, Stainborough Castle is the focus for a number of activities. Children’s imaginations can work overtime here, as they act out scenes from times past, adding a modern day twist. It’s also a terrific place to gather ideas for story writing back at school. The pupils can climb the steps for a fantastic view from the top of the tower as well as discovering our very own dragon.

IMG_0214The Castle can be a focus for art activities using both traditional sketching materials and with found objects. School groups have created marvellous pieces of artwork from pine cones, twigs, fallen leaves and petals.
When you arrive you will be met by a member of our education team who will lead the group up to the Conservatory - your base for the day. On the way you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the deer herd in the Parkland.

The education room is situated alongside the newly restored Victorian Conservatory which has dedicated toilet facilities and space to leave your bags for the duration of your visit.
The programme for the day will be discussed with you before the visit. We cover the majority of the curriculum, are very flexible and will tailor the day’s activities to the study needs of the group.
If at the end of the visit you have any excess energy you can take advantage of our children’s playground.
Whilst on your trip to the Gardens you may hear stories about our Head Gardener. Pupils can develop letter writing skills and compose a message to him telling him about their favourite part of the Gardens. This activity can be carried out when you visit, or as a pre-visit class activity.